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Saturday, August 4, 2012

And Finally Ginny’s pre k room!


My daughter in law, Ginny, is starting her first year as a teacher! I don’t know who is happier—her, my son Tyler, or ME! I am so excited for her. Pre K is a whole new ball of wax! There are so many rules about how things can be displayed, etc. A lot of our time has been spent labeling everything in the room. And I mean EVERYTHING! There were some labels already there, but they were a little worn. So slowly, I am going to replace them all! Above is the pledge that her kiddos have to say each day. So we just made a cute poster for them to use as they are saying the pledge. Ginny found the owls, above, on pinterest! She and Tyler made them one night. I told her she was lucky to have a husband who had a mom as a teacher! He knows how to “craft”!


So when I got to her room, I made a tree for her and displayed the owls  in the hall. Then, I hung the scrapbooking paper that she had laminated to display their work. Below, you see her birthday chart. She is going to group all the kiddos with January birthdays, take their picture, and display it on the month. I think she got the idea from pinterest, she just told me what it was suppose to look like and we went to work!



She told me she wanted to put a tree in the “fake window”. So I made her a tree. You don’t see the caption, but I made up a little jingle--“Seasons come and seasons go. Watch our little hands grow.” Then each season she will trace their hands and change the tree to match the season. She is using the dot theme, so I made her these color words to hang up (below). She covered clothespins with ribbon and added buttons to the tip. They are all around the room. The Pre K program encourages a lot of student work to be hung. This will make it easy and quick!Slide5



Okay, so now the above photo is from Megan’s room. These are her numbers and the birthday caravan. She has jungle guide clip art that will have each child’s name. Then, they will be placed in the car that holds their birthday month. Below, you see how Megan has labeled all of the items for each of her five areas. Okay, a little compulsive? Wonder where she got it?!?!?


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Amanda said...

I love those color posters and the clothespins with the ribbon and buttons! I was looking for something round to hang work (also doing a dot theme); didn't think about covering them with ribbon. Both rooms look great!

Amanda said...

Megan: Where did you get your crayon cups? I like the bright colors and they look durable!

Second Grade Chatter said...

Wow!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and have spent the last 30 minutes exploring. I guess the laundry can wait!! Lol!! I love your room makeovers. Congrats to Ginny on her first teaching job. It looks like she has an incredible support system. I am your newest follower. Drop in at for a visit.

Ke'Andra said...

I love the number cards on the wall! Are they available on your tPt?

Jasmine said...

I am also wondering where you got the crayon cups. I had some with a school theme print on them, but after 7 years they are getting a bit worn and need to be replaced.

Julie Holzenthal said...

OH-MY-WORD I love those color posters! So vivid and clear. Both rooms are adorable! Are you putting any of the jungle theme things on tpt? You should! I would have to change if you did!

Kim and Megan said...

The cups are from the target dollar spot. Megan wants to wait till next year to put all the jungle things on tpt. So look for them in Summer 2013!

Vanessa said...

this class is amazing!!! Luck Ginny to have such a creative mother in law : wish her all the luck in the world. I'm sure she will have an amazing time.

Maria Dumas said...

Looks great!!! I would love to know where she got her green table tub with all the supplies? I haven't had any luck finding the right tubs for my tables.

Kim and Megan said...

Maria, The tub supplies came from the target dollar spot at the beginning of the summer. You could probably look now where they are selling back to school items. It is a shower caddy.

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