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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Few More Questions About Reader’s Workshop

Yesterday I started answering some questions from an email about the Reader’s Workshop Units. There were just a few questions I need to go and look up, so I saved them for today. Hope this post has been helpful to others, she had some great questions.Slide4

Unit 2

1. When you refer to your 'who's your buddy chart' you say it should be 2 different squares but i noticed yours was all mounted on green- did you assign them a color for them to remember?

I think these are the sentences you are referring to:

“Be sure and make the squares two different colors. This will allow you to say, “Today is red’s turn to share first.” Alternate every other day to give each child the opportunity to go first during share time. “

So , yes my chart only has one color of squares. I should have shown a sample with the two different colors of squares. If you have made yours like the sample, all squares the same color, then assign one to be partner “A” and the other to be partner “B”. That way you can say “Today is partner “A’s” turn to share first.”

2. I noticed on the colored version of the flow chart for how to use a sticky you see the children's actual faces rather than clip art faces- do you have a version with the clip art faces so i don't have the answer questions about who the children are! Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up on this one! I thought I had covered them all! It is now fixed and will be changed on tpt. You can go to your purchases and download it again and have the corrected page. You don’t have to pay again!Slide5

Unit 3

You indicate having them put a sticky to help with words they don't know- what 'category' would that sticky come from or should there be a 'help' icon for stickys as well for situations like this?

We didn’t have a specific place for them to get the post it note. So, you could make another icon for help or just have them select one of the post it notes off of one of the other places. I will talk to Michele to see if we want to add an icon for that.

Hope this post has helped not only the teacher who sent me the questions, but others as well!

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Jessie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm loving using your Units for Reader's Workshop. I do tweak them a bit but love the structure! Thanks so much for all your hard work. I did have a suggestion about the icons: I just finished the Powerful Partnership unit. I changed the light bulb icon to a question mark for two reasons. 1) I thought that kids would struggle with drawing a light bulb. 2)I lumped "learned" in the "That's cool!" section and then made the question mark be "I wonder..." I taught the kids to use this sticky for wonders about the story, the pictures, or words

Kim and Megan said...

Jessie! So glad you are finding them helpful and are able to tweak them so that they are just right for your kiddos!

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