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Monday, May 28, 2012

In Pictures and In Words-Book Study Bookmark

Cross-Blogged from my friend Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. My turn is coming up soon!
Oh my sweet friends... I am getting REALLY excited!

As you may recall, last summer we collectively studied Debbie Diller's wonderful book, Math Work Stations. This year we will be diving into Katie Wood Ray's Book, In Pictures and in Words.
If you have been reading my blog this year, you know I have used this book in my writer's workshop.  But just like last year, I decided I wanted to know more.  
Who better to help me think more deeply about this text than you guys?

When does it start?  
On June 22nd, I will launch our study here on this site.  Then each week another blog will host a section of the book. (I will take the first 2 weeks)

How do I participate?
You will want to follow the blogs who are hosting the chapters (so you won't miss anything).

If you have a blog:  You can create a post (using our guiding questions) and link up with the hosting blog.
If you do not have a blog:  You can simply comment on the blog with your reflections.

The beautiful thing about blog book studies is you can check in whenever you want.  If you have plans during this time of year... no worries... The information will be here waiting for you!

What is the schedule?
I created a book mark to help you along the way.  It has the hosting blog, dates, and guiding questions.
Simply print it out and keep it with you as you go through the book study.

You bet!  We will give away gift certificates for books from

We have more exciting news about this book study soon!  Yipee!

Tell me you are as excited as I am?
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Laura said...

Sounds like another exciting study and a great book. I found a small typo on your bookmark, in case you want to fix it : bother (both).

ChristyKTN said...

What grade level is this book for?

Mrs. C said...

So excited!

Jessica Stanford said...

This is so exciting!!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

Andi said...

Cool! I must get my copy, now!
I've heard such wonderful things about Katie Wood Ray, but I never got around to buying her books because I've been stuck using my district's program. I think it may be time for a switch!

Heather Shelton said...

I am very excited! I have the book, have read it, and implemented a little of it. I can't wait to see all the new ideas from everyone!
Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

Deedee Wills said...

Crud! That was me! I will fix it tonight... Thank you Laura!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Deedee Wills said...

Can I answer this? Sorry Kim... this is a great Pre K to 1st book, although it has implications for 2nd and 3rd.

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

esully25 said...

Just placed the order for the book...Can't wait to use it in my classroom next year!
Erika Sullivan

Kim and Megan said...

I am excited too! So glad DeeDee has put this together for us! DeeDee--feel free to answers any and all questions! You know the book best! I will be learning, too!

Greg said...

I am excited to join my first blog book study!! I am also excited to become a better teacher of writing.

I'm your newest follower! Check out my new blog!

Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

Carole Dawn Arrendale said...

this looks wonderful. got the book last week. can't wait to dive into it.
Carole Dawn

Busy Bees said...

My book just arrived. I am so excited to get started reading it next week. Can't wait for the study to begin!!

mcoop1125 said...

I'm so excited you all have put this book study together! I just placed my order with Amazon yesterday so I'll be ready to go.

Jenna said...

Will have to get this!!!! Looks great!

Just diving In

Cher Harrison said...

Yay! I just got the book in the mail today; I ordered it during one of your sessions in Vegas when you referred to it. I had seen it on everyone's blogs, but I finally broke down when you mentioned it!

Looks great! :) Hopefully I can incorporate some of the ideas into my writer's workshop.


Muhammad Amir said...

As you may recall, last summer we collectively studied Debbie Diller's wonderful book, bookmark manager Math Work Stations. This year we will be diving into Katie Wood Ray's Book, In Pictures and in Words.

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