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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Megan’s Behavior Plan…Again!


Click here for Megan's Behavior Parent Communication Letter

click here for the names of each level

page 1 of clip art

page 2 of clip art

page 3 of clip art

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Kelly said...

Thanks for those downloads:) I have seen variations of that system before, but not with the adorable animal clip art. Thanks again for sharing!

"Kindergarten Kel

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I love this version of the clip chart!!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Susie's LaBelle 6-pack said...

This is so adorable. The parent communication doesn't look like it's fully loading when I try to open it. Anyone else have trouble? I'm only seeing the animals on the days of the week.

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

Thank you so much! Just what I was looking for (especially since our class is called "The Marvelous Monkeys"!

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

I am having problems opening the Parent Communication letter as well. For some reason Google docs isn't downloading it all. :-(

Thank you anyways!

Amy J. said...

I just finished putting mine together! Thanks so much for sharing.

Megan A. said...

Hey Ladies, The parent communication letter is what stays in their binder. I slide it out at the end of the day and "color" their animal. A letter went home prior to that to explain the plan. Will see about getting it uploaded also.

rlawruk said...

I have tried two computers and the document is not fully showing up! Could you help? I was really hoping to implement this soon! Thanks!! :)

Kim and Megan said...

The only page in the document is the one with the animals for the teacher to mark each day. This is the form that Megan uses daily to keep parents informed. She sent a different letter, that wasn't in the post, at the beginning of the year to let her parents know how the plan is going to work. She is going to try and get it loaded as soon as she gets a chance.

Kara said...

Did you ever post the letter to the parents about your discipline? Thanks! Kara

Anonymous said...

Can you post the letter you sent home wih parents please? This will be perfect for my jungle theme!! Thank you!

mandy mistler said...

I love your behavior management chart. I have a jungle theme in my room so this will be perfect! Thank you for sharing this!

Heart of Kinder

Jill Kozy said...

Thank you for these resources. The students have been challenging coming back from winter break. This will really help!

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